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[24 Jul 2006|10:35pm]

Hey, lol.

I'm working on an update right now. Anyways,

What suite life episodes do you want to see?

Do you want to see Hannah Montana episodes? Which ones?

Any other suggestions?

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Election Icons [18 Jun 2006|12:22pm]




I expierimented with styles this time, so if some look kind of weird, ignore them. lol.

I know its been awhile. My hardrive crashed a few weeks ago and I lost everything, including a bunch of icons and other stuff I had'nt posted.

YES. For the 600 billionth time. YOU CAN EDIT THEM. Just credit me :)

Join if you like!

I'll try and update more.
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[11 Mar 2006|12:35pm]




Some arent perfect because there was alot of movement.

PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Read the userinfo. If you still have questions or dont understand something, you can ask. I dont bite and theres no such thing as a stupid question.

I will have a request thread coming up soon, just as soon as I get my time cleared up. Which will be soon, and you see how my icons are, I will do my BEST to get you what you want, wheather its TSl, HSM a certain episode, a part of an episode.

Join if you like!
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Suite Life Episode "Ghost in Suite 613" icons [20 Feb 2006|03:51pm]




If your wondering why some of them are dark, its because the whole episode was set in a dark haunted room, so as you can imagine, it was hard to get good quality ones that are usable for this episode.

*Favorites of the batch: 10,11,33,39

Comment and credit...same old.

I dont know what episodes you guys like, so what episode would you guys like me to make icons for next? If you dont know the title, just describe what happens in it and I will know, lol.

Join! Join!
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50 HSM icons SET 1 [19 Feb 2006|11:54am]




These are ones that I made awhile ago...just never put anywhere, the new ones are coming soon, but I just thought I would put these up, lol.

Oh, and going to get icons from all the suite life episodes up here, well I'll try at least, I made caps of pretty much every episode, so we'll see. Ghost in Suite 613 is probably what I'll have up first.

If you like, join the communiity.
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[18 Feb 2006|08:43pm]




Grr. Sorry, its making me mad that the quality is bad, lol. But, I wasnt using my capper last night because I was testing out this new one for a friend. Eh, never doing that capper again. Better Quality next time! for now, hope these are ok.

Comment and credit...same old.
Next up is...High School Musical Icons (with better quality!)

Oh yeah, and if you like, join the community because its new and there arent any members, lol.

*Im in love with 41*
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[17 Feb 2006|11:24pm]

Welcome to Like a Wave icons.

This is my icon journal thing...and yup. I usually DONT have text icons...about 99% of the icons you see here, will be textless.

Resources, will be put at the end of every post and yada

Comment here if you want to be an affiliate.

and thats it

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