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like_a_wave's Journal

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About : This is the icon journal of candy112 and its basically focused on all of her fandoms...which are listed in her userinfo. Join if you like the fandoms I like, because thats what you can expect to see in here

Basics: Well, as always...you know the drill, comment if you like them or want to use. If you want to stretch, tell me your favorites. You really don't have to credit, but its always good for a person to be credited for their work. When crediting, you can either credit candy112 or like_a_wave.

I use tables when posting ICONS ONLY! for all other graphics, there is no table, just a pinkish backround like what you are reading on right now.

To avoid this...YES! You can use my icons as bases..and you edit them all you want...but for that, you MUST, MUST,MUST credit. No exceptions for that. And, another thing I like is seeing what you do with them, so if you want, give me a link =D

Current Goals : Every Suite Life episode! I have a few so far, check out the memories!

I make my caps! I take a ton of work AND money into making caps. I will occasionally give away some caps..but I am on Dial-up and as much as I would LIKE to give out caps, I dont have 10 hours to upload. However, I do take custom requests and will have a request thread every so often for requesting icons or bases. Take advantage of that if you are in need. You can request anything though I can't guarantee I'll get it.

Joining: Anyone can join if they want to see my updates however, you cannot post because this is my personal icon journal.

Affiliates: thetiptonhotel n0tes_icons if_you_do

if you want to be one, comment here